Jumeira Bay Island

About Jumeira Bay Island

In Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, the Jumeirah Bay community consists of three buildings in the neighbourhood of Jumeirah Lake Towers. The buildings are part of the Jumeirah Lake Towers complex, including four lakes. All three buildings were planned by the National Engineering Bureau and built by Nakheel Properties. Jumeirah Bay X1, Jumeirah Bay X2, and Jumeirah Bay X3 are all part of the development. Jumeirah Bay X2 is the highest of the three structures and the one closest to the water. The structure comprises 47 levels. Its exact height is unknown. Each of the Jumeirah Bay X1 and X3 towers has 41 storeys. The height, on the other hand, is yet to be revealed. There might be a height difference between the two skyscrapers. Both structures sit back from Jumeirah Bay X2.    

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