Ellington Villa Collection La Mer Offers 7 Bedroom Villas

Ellington Villa Collection by Ellington Properties offers 7 bedroom villas at La Mer, Jumeirah 1 Dubai. In harmony with soft white space and palm trees, this beachside living is inspired by shell colors and soft shapes.

Embraced by rich tastes and a luxurious lifestyle, each villa is beautifully designed. Despite being opulent, the interiors are warm and inviting at the same time. Elegant and meticulously detailed, each room embodies the sophistication and uniqueness of this luxury residence. In addition to its architecturally attractive design, this villa incorporates trends, art, and fashion. To emphasize double height spaces and impressive volumes, a brightly colored but textured minimalist basic palette is used throughout the villa in accordance with the architectural design.

Designed to ensure a luxurious beachfront experience, this villa's exterior spaces promote a sense of exclusivity. The villa's terraces are impeccably furnished, including a large terrace that extends from the main living room and provides incredible views of the beach and the sea. There is great attention to detail in the interior spaces of the villa. Signature finish colors, textures, high-quality fixtures, and features serve as a harmonizing and enriching secondary palette to the building's base materials.



There is an incredible range of amenities and facilities available at the Ellington Villas Collection, including a fitness center, pool, and playground. Providing residents with the kind of lifestyle that they'll always cherish, love and enjoy....   Read More

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